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Dog Training Basics Guide - Video

This video guide provides comprehensive information on a wide variety of dog training topics relevant to almost all dog and puppy owners.

Dog Training Basics is a set of 41 verbal videos that present  the latest concepts and training methods for correcting bad behavior functions such as biting, ,jumping, chewing, pulling, and others, while providing tips and good behavior functions such as sit, stay, come, and others.

With the information presented in this guide you will learn everything you need to know in order to instill good behavior and obedience in your dog. When it comes to dog training psychology is simple. Good behavior needs to be rewarded and bad behavios needs to be corrected. By rewarding good behavior you teach your dog to associate good gfeelings with good behavior. And thats the concept behind the training you will find in these videos.

NOTE: These are verbal videos and are presented in a total of 41 MP4 files. The total package is large, at 146 MB so please make sure your computer can download files of that size.

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