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Troubleshooting Guide for

Injection Molders

This is a comprehensive, digital book primarily intended for operators, technicians, engineers, and any others wishing to quickly identify and solve common molding defects at the injection press, before they can get out to the world.

Covers 24 of the most common defects and addresses the likely causes and solutions. Includes flash, splay, blush, voids, warp, short shots, cracks, black marks, streaks, and a variety of other common defects.

Includes a full color, 4 page centerfold showing typical examples of all defects covered in the text.

This 200 page Guide was written by training expert and Certified Troubleshooter Douglas M. Bryce and includes other detailed information for troubleshooting such as proper venting practices, the role of the operator, understanding materials, and recommended melt and mold temperatures for trouble-free molding. Also includes a glossary of common terms used in the plastic injection molding industry. (PDF format)
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Troubleshooting Guide for Injection Molders eBook
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